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Hi! Welcome to The Language of the Aura

Hello, I’m Richard. I see and interpret aura colors. Learning what our auras look like can help us see ourselves in a new and inspiring way, allowing us to grow and heal.

I am available for consultations.

The following is an excerpt from my book, The Language of the Aura.

As my mother waits in the front of her apartment building, I see her aura illuminated by direct sunshine. Wonderful shades of green glow around her; luminous colors, like springtime grass, and leaves on trees, yet entirely translucent.

Mom is happy today. She has been with my brother and me. Perhaps these greens express her joy of being with us as well as her communication with nature; being outside with grass, bushes, trees, flowers, summer sky, and birds.

These greens may also express Mothers’ creativity, her love of music and dance. Earlier, I played Pachelbel’s Canon in D major on her stereo. This majestic music may have helped to revitalize her too.

Older People often have the most beautiful auras. The colors of elderly people can take on a dazzling refinement of elegant shades and hues.

If we all saw auras, would human beauty be less for the face and body of youth, and more for the character, integrity, and soul qualities our auras can reveal?

If, somehow, everyone in the world could see the colored light around us, I think people would be astonished, humbled even. Famous artists have depicted glows and halos around “holy people” but not, to my knowledge, around ordinary people at all. Perhaps, in a sense, we are all “holy”.